Top Toys for Kids with ADHD: A Video Demonstration

Top Toys for Kids with ADHD

Top Toys for Kids with ADHD

So I spent the day working on our new list of top toys for kids with ADHD.  The full article is now posted on our website. Went on line to see what other people were saying on the subject…and found me!  I taped this piece for the local WNBC station here in NYC ..but it  found its way to  A good demonstration of some of the toys we’re recommending…Click here to view.

Top Toys for Kids with ADHD

Read our article about Top Toys for Kids with ADHD.  We’ve posted both a toy list and general guidelines that are good to have in mind before you set out to go shopping. And rather than be annoyed with your relatives for not getting it…send them the list as well.

Pick of the Day: Dressable Madeline from Kids Preferred

I’ve been playing with a lot of talking toys lately…they’re fun to videotape.  The whole “look what the toy can do thing” is pretty seductive.  Rocky the Talking Truck is  a conversation starter…even with the other toys, he knows how to get the games started.  He is really much like the cool, “it” kid from elementary school.  The one you wanted to pick you for his kickball team.  Ok, maybe that’s stretching it…but there is something that happens when these high tech toys are around.  I’m reminded of our own warning to bring home toys that do not dictate the play..your child should always be at the center of her play experiences.

Dressable Madeline

Dressable Madeline

Which brings me to Madeline…she’s back from Kids Preferred.  If you’re in the Madeline book zone…the doll makes  a lovely present.  She’s well-crafted and even though this particular doll doesn’t talk…just watch her with your child…she’ll have plenty to say.

For a full review, visit

American Girl…homeless

F9311_main_1-1American Girl Gwen— a homeless girl is getting lots of press.  Bringing attention to homelessness is admirable — but have a doll that costs nearly $100 (with no reported portion of profits going to any support organization) seems off.  Doll play is about spinning stories…fantasy.  Having such a literal prop for homelessness just feels like one big guilt trip.  Here’s your dream doll, and by the way…she has no home and certainly no dolls.  Now enjoy!

I’m a big proponent of dolls reflecting “real” girls…but no one would suggest giving this expensive doll to homeless girls. That would be ridiculous.

Instead…how about a doll that’s part of a family that donates time to local charities? That at least gives girls a jumping off point for their own lives.

For a little more heat on the subject, read Andrea Peyser’s article.

For a review of American Girl Rebecca…who won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award this year, click here.

Pick of the Day: Creativity for Kids Big Fun Crafts

If you have preschoolers that are making collages for the first time–you’ll quickly learn that if you have construction paper and glue–they’re happy to use just about anything. It’s the fun of manipulating objects…getting glue on them…and making decisions about where they go!  It’s completely about the process at this stage…that pure state of just exploring that we unfortunately lose along the way to result oriented adulthood.  A friend just posted that she went to an art class for the first time in 15 years–and loved it.  This summer, inspired by my mother I started exploring painting again.  I had such a good time. It was once again about the process…

Rec_bigcraftIf you’re looking for a kit with lots of goodies ready to go, this new kit from Creativity for Kids is perfect to bring home.  For a full review and shopping info, click here. You can also use that junk drawer as inspiration.  Better yet, as Fall really starts to take hold…take a nature walk.  Collect leaves, twigs…you remember the drill.  Just be sure you have plenty of glue!

Pick of the Day: Stack 'n Surprise Count 'n Build Snail Pail

41viaooCcKL._SL500_AA280_If you’re looking for a game that will be fun to play with your older baby (8 months) and younger toddler…bring home the new Stack’ n Surprise Count ‘n Build Snail Pail.  It’s just right for fill and spill games.  In the beginning you’ll be doing most of the stacking…but filling is a great deal of fun for sitting up babies.  The pieces are just the right size…and the clear container makes is fun to see where they go! For a full review, visit This set won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award.

Fantasy…Courteney Cox's new show Cougar Town

I deal in fantasy all the time.  I evaluate props for fantasy play for kids (costumes, dollhouses, garages, etc.)…but last night I witnessed such amazing fantasy for grown ups.  ABC rolled out their new line-up of shows last night.  I enjoyed moments of The Modern Family–although the layering of stereotypes seemed both predictable and uninspired…but after a summer watching Law & Order reruns, I was game.

Then we got to the new Courteney  Cox’s show — Cougar Town.

Courtney Cox

Courteney Cox

The premise is very current.  We do have double standards for men and women when they date younger people.  We get that…but here’s my problem.  Courtney Cox, insecure about showing her body to her much younger lover–wants to keep the lights low.  He puts the lights on and then we all look at Courtney Cox’s body.  What’s the problem?  Well of course there is none—she looks amazing.  The writers have to find something to discuss. Her stomach is perfectly flat, she’s still a very well toned size zero…so where’s the beef?  The man asks about her scar—no close up (does she even have one?). She make something up and then fesses up that it’s from her c-section.  Really?

There is another scene that rang so much truer to Ms. Cox’s current condition.  She’s outside arguing with a male neighbor who is recently divorced  and has a parade of very young women going through his house.  She gets so annoyed that she rips off her robe and a young boy on a bike is so distracted that he finds himself flipping off his bike.  This was funny…

I wonder how many women that find themselves dating again in their forties can relate to Ms. Cox in this role.  Everytime they did a close up of her grabbing her stomach (she has none)…or looking at her chest (it’s still up there)…I just wondered how many other women across the country were saying…pleeeeeeze!

Of course anyone can have insecurities…but let’s be real.

Toys of another kind…Gucci Shoes

Buying shoes for many women is like going to toy store.  It doesn’t matter what’s going on above the ankle, shoes usually fit.  They don’t judge you.  The little mirrors are so much more forgiving than say a harsh changing room where unspeakable rear views greet you.  For most of us, our ankles hold up over the years.

But I wonder about the toy makers…there’s just no way a woman designed this new platform shoes from Gucci.

Gucci Platform Shoe

Gucci Platform Shoe

Pick of the Day: Instead of Going to Starbucks!

Step 2 Cafe Barista

Step 2 Cafe Barista

Step 2’s new Cafe Barista is a fun pretend prop that very much reflects our coffee-addicted life style.  For so many older toddlers and preschoolers that accompany their parents to Starbucks for their Lattes and Mistos…the loud machines that create these drinks are a part of their lives.   The Cafe Barista comes with two large cups and a smaller cup (for the froth of course!).  The machine does make a good deal of noise…true to the real thing.  Watch our video.   Read our full review, Our only complaint…the cups have holes in them — so this is strictly a pretend drinking toy. For some folks this is preferred…but for most toddlers…the filling and spilling of water in a real cup is a great deal of fun.  The holes are there for safety purposes–we applaud the concern but hope the team at Step2 can fashion a solution that addresses both function and safety.