American Girl…homeless

F9311_main_1-1American Girl Gwen— a homeless girl is getting lots of press.  Bringing attention to homelessness is admirable — but have a doll that costs nearly $100 (with no reported portion of profits going to any support organization) seems off.  Doll play is about spinning stories…fantasy.  Having such a literal prop for homelessness just feels like one big guilt trip.  Here’s your dream doll, and by the way…she has no home and certainly no dolls.  Now enjoy!

I’m a big proponent of dolls reflecting “real” girls…but no one would suggest giving this expensive doll to homeless girls. That would be ridiculous.

Instead…how about a doll that’s part of a family that donates time to local charities? That at least gives girls a jumping off point for their own lives.

For a little more heat on the subject, read Andrea Peyser’s article.

For a review of American Girl Rebecca…who won an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award this year, click here.

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