Pick of the Day: Creativity for Kids Big Fun Crafts

If you have preschoolers that are making collages for the first time–you’ll quickly learn that if you have construction paper and glue–they’re happy to use just about anything. It’s the fun of manipulating objects…getting glue on them…and making decisions about where they go!  It’s completely about the process at this stage…that pure state of just exploring that we unfortunately lose along the way to result oriented adulthood.  A friend just posted that she went to an art class for the first time in 15 years–and loved it.  This summer, inspired by my mother I started exploring painting again.  I had such a good time. It was once again about the process…

Rec_bigcraftIf you’re looking for a kit with lots of goodies ready to go, this new kit from Creativity for Kids is perfect to bring home.  For a full review and shopping info, click here. You can also use that junk drawer as inspiration.  Better yet, as Fall really starts to take hold…take a nature walk.  Collect leaves, twigs…you remember the drill.  Just be sure you have plenty of glue!

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