I’m in love with Flying Super Grover 2.0

Flying Super Grover 2.0 from Hasbro

The previews for Toy Fair 2012 ( that officially kicks off on February 12th) , which is a preview of the toys that will be available for the coming year, have begun.  Are you with me?

So far, we haven’t been too blown away with what we’ve seen, but I have already found my toy crush…his name is Flying Super Grover 2.0.

We have only seen a prototype of Flying Super Grover (he’ll be available from Hasbro in the fall).  So this isn’t an official review, but just look at him. The cap, the eyes peeking through, the splash of his yellow lightning bolt on his fury blue chest…and don’t even get me started on his pink nose.  He promises to make appropriate sound effects when he’s flown. He will know when he’s going up and down. He had me at “helloooo every bud-deeeeee!”   In any case, he clearly is going to give Elmo a run for his money.

Watch our video encounter with Grover.

Santa Claus in January

Like Santa Claus no one really wants to talk with us in January. Most parents have spent nearly 60% of their toy dollars during the holidays. Time to take a break. We do too. Both Joanne and I take the time to write and work on other topics. Joanne is working on a great civil war story and I’m having fun working on a new screenplay. It’s nice to change gears.

This week, the toy-related  emails and phone calls have started again.  All in in anticipation of Toy Fair that will take place in New York in mid-February.   The UPS delivery guy has resumed delivering boxes to our office of toys that are ready for Spring. In other words, toy season will be here any minute.

I’m often asked about how you get into the toy business. Since we only review toys, I’m of very little help in this regard.  I know it can be a daunting prospect.   For example, if you have a great idea but little capital, how do you move forward?  This morning I got a twitter message (more about that in a moment) about a new construction company called Qubits. We haven’t tested them yet. They are taking an interesting path by using kickstarter.com to get on their feet. Here’s their page if you’d like to read more about their product. We look forward to testing their sets with our testers.

Twitter. Finally took the plunge in a meaningful way this month.  I’ve been enjoying the process of connecting with companies, moms, dads about play and toys – not to mention my non-professional interest in sporting events and award programs.  Much like my first few weeks on facebook, I found twitter can be all consuming. There’s always some interesting link someone has pointed me to– articles that I might not otherwise have read.  Then there’s the fun of connecting with people about the daily things (in case your counting, I’m approaching nearly a week without a Diet Coke).  So if you’re  on twitter, let me know. My twitter name is…toyportfolio.



Barbie: Cancer Survivor Version

A proposed Cancer Survivor Barbie Doll

A group of moms are petitioning for a cancer-surviving version of Barbie.

We think it’s a great idea for the following reasons:

1. Kids going through their own cancer treatments  will love this concept especially if there are fun wigs and head wraps for Barbie to wear. Of course this would also hold true for kids with moms going through treatment. Playing with dolls is an ideal way for children to play out and talk about their fears and concerns. There’s something very comforting about Barbie going through the same experience.  We love the idea of her being a role model for this journey that touches so many families.

2. Barbie has a huge adult collectors market. This doll would certainly find an audience with adults.

3.Fund raiser. Seems like an ideal way to support cancer research.

Do you agree?