Barbie: Cancer Survivor Version

A proposed Cancer Survivor Barbie Doll

A group of moms are petitioning for a cancer-surviving version of Barbie.

We think it’s a great idea for the following reasons:

1. Kids going through their own cancer treatments¬† will love this concept especially if there are fun wigs and head wraps for Barbie to wear. Of course this would also hold true for kids with moms going through treatment. Playing with dolls is an ideal way for children to play out and talk about their fears and concerns. There’s something very comforting about Barbie going through the same experience.¬† We love the idea of her being a role model for this journey that touches so many families.

2. Barbie has a huge adult collectors market. This doll would certainly find an audience with adults.

3.Fund raiser. Seems like an ideal way to support cancer research.

Do you agree?



2 thoughts on “Barbie: Cancer Survivor Version

  1. Sure! Bring it on. Just have ER also lose the eyebrows, lashes and makeup. No one looks that pretty going through chemo. And give her blotchy hair, not a sineade bald “do.” and she should be puffier, with bags under her eyes.

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