Groovy Girl Fans…get ready!

Groovy Girl Kitchen....

...and plates

Manhattan Toy’s award-winning line of Groovy Girls has been expanding into other realms of pretend play. Last year they introduced costumes (on our Platinum List). We look forward to testing their first kitchen and dishes.

What Crossed my Desk today…Yet another Pile of Poop (really)

Dinosaur Train Dino Poop from Uncle Milton

Remember that episode of Seinfeld where George decides to do everything the opposite of what he would normally do…and his world turned around for him. I kind of feel like someone is playing George at the moment. Actually several people, since this is the second poop toy to reach my desk in the last month. Someone said what’s the best toy we can make about dinosaurs…and then let’s try to do the opposite!

Poop makes kids (and their parents laugh) and if you read even a small percentage of parenting blogs, you realize how many adults become obsessed with all things poop.  So this toy may be a huge hit.  I just need to share some of the hilarious slogans on the packaging.  I would have loved to have been in on the brainstorming session for this one!

Dino Poop is  part of the Dinosaur Train line from Uncle Milton.  More specifically, the poop is from   a Carnivore in this particular…toy.


Here is what the package says:

“Collect them all”…because you can never have enough poop I guess.

“Play with it again and again!” …I have no words,  I’m just laughing so hard.

“What’s in the poop?” …really?

A pile of "poop" with fossils to discover!

So in reality, it is a piece of clay with “fossils” buried in the “poop” for your child to discover.  Targeted at four year olds, if you buy this product…I would suggest having the conversation about why we don’t explore our own poop.







Here’s a retro toy: Michael Jackson Dress-Up Set

Michael Jackson Dress-Up Set from Colorforms

We just received a re-issue of the Michael Jackson Dress-Up Set from Colorforms. The set was originally issued in 1984. Have to say, it makes me  a little sad.  Comes with four outfits.  Colorforms (now owned by University Games) is celebrating its 60th Anniversary this year. They have also issued a limited number of Anniversary Sets…now this makes me very happy!

Not your father’s trading cards…Spin Master’s New Redakai

3D is everywhere — so it’s not that surprising that it will make its way to a new set of trading cards from Spin Master.  They will start at $5.99 for a set of 11 in the Fall when the show launches on the Cartoon Network.  I’m still waiting for the moving wizard cards from Harry Potter (there are trading cards but the wizards don’t move…yet!)

Sing-a-ma-jigs go Symbiotic

The new Sing-a-ma-jigs from Fisher-Price

I loved Sing-a-ma-jigs when I first saw them last year at Toy Fair. To me they look like claymation characters with their little round mouths and big eyes.

Wallace and Gromit

I love that they are able to sing (and even harmonize) together.  This year– the new versions come with a little mini-me attached the larger doll. They sing together. The upside, you don’t need to buy two dolls to have them harmonize.  I’m not sure I love the mini-me aspect.  The smaller doll cannot be removed and somehow the smaller animal looks slighter meaner than the bigger doe-eyed larger being. Kind of reminds me of the character Masterblaster from Mad Max.

To watch a video of the new dolls, click here.

For video of past videos, click here.

Masterblaster from Mad Max