Open-ended building fun: Guidecraft’s Interlox

Guidecraft's Interlox

I’m big on things that you can put out on the family coffee table that everyone will enjoy.  Interlox from Guidecraft is just that kind of toy. If you were in a classroom in the 70s, you probably played with something that looked very similar.  The Interlox are pleasingly colorful plastic pieces that have notches on all sides- providing builders with an open-ended building opportunity.  They connect with relative ease- making this a good choice for 4s and up. While many kids are happy to follow directions for building LEGO or KNEX models, there’s something to be said about building whatever you heart dictates. There’s room here for trial and error.  For younger kids, this can start as a parent/child project–but chances are  your kids will be building independently before you know it. The 96 piece set gives you enough pieces to really make something fun.  We’re giving this set an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award. For the review of this toy and other building sets, visit

Adapting Toys for Kids with Special Needs

Interesting video about the work they’re doing at Ohio State University Medical Center for children with special needs.  They have a toy library where toys have been adapted to better suit the needs of kids that come to their center.  Watch the video

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