Dora the Explorer is Growing Up…thoughts?

dora-silhouette-final Mattel and Nickelodeon/Viacom, hoping to take this hit preschool brand to the next level, is introducing a more grown up version for older girls.  Much like the Elmo rollout each year, we won’t see the actual new Dora until it is revealed later in the year.  We’ll see whether Dora fans transitioning into the next age group will accept an older, more mature version (she is scheduled to move to the “big city” and have a a “more fashionable look”)–or whether Dora will be a character they want to remember from their early childhood.  Thoughts?

Pre-Toy Fair Buzz: Mythbusters comes to toyland!


It’s likely that if you have tweens or teens in the house, you’ve heard about the hit Discovery Channel’s show Mythbusters.  In fact, if you’re having trouble connecting with your son– here’s a perfect subject.  All  you have to do is ask what they did on the latest edition of Mythbusters and your heretofore monosyllabic boy will become a virtual chatty Cathy detailing what they set out to do and how it turned out.  Better yet, watch the show together!   So I was pretty excited to hear that Elmer’s has created kits based on the show.  There will be a Weird, Wild and All Wet Trial and Error Water Kit and a Cockpit Confidential Trial and Error Aviation Kit.  We usually have a hard time finding non-home schooling kids interested in these kits, but I think the license here will attract a wider audience.  We’re looking forward to testing them.  Elmer’s is also previewing a new line of Kinder-Ready activity kits including The World of Eric Carle Art of Science Experiment Kit–that has color mixing experiments.