While I was Shopping for Socks

Not really about toys but on my mind today….I went to DSW to buy socks (with a $10 coupon, really neat)…I went to pay for the socks.  It was really earlier in the morning — so there was no one else on line.  The beginning of the day– there are three associates behind the counter.  I’m forced to ask “where should I check out?”  No one says anything–a woman steps over to a counter, and puts her hand out for my socks.  I  said good morning…no response.  Complimented her on her necklace to see if that got a response. Nothing.  The sales associate was talking to her colleagues–but would not even really look in  my direction, much less acknowledge my remark.  We finished the transaction and at this point I was really feeling up for a challenge.  I wished her a happy holiday season (in a very even tone, really)…and still nothing.  I know there are stores where employees are trained to greet people as they walk in, but have we really come down to a situation where basic courtesy is absent without an aggressive training seminar?  I probably should have left–but then I wouldn’t have gotten my three pairs of socks for $4.

So what are you buying?

Update: The number of companies that have submitted our safety form indicating that their product has zero lead: zero.

The big issue this holiday season for reporters (and retailers)…is whether the lead safety issue will affect our buying patterns. Soon the numbers will reveal themselves, but I think the question is wrong.

If everyone buys the same number of toys, does that mean it doesn’t matter whether we have toys with dangerous levels of lead? If consumers buy more made in the USA products, does that send a message to the majority of companies that manufacture overseas? Once the holidays are over, will the coverage end?