While I was Shopping for Socks

Not really about toys but on my mind today….I went to DSW to buy socks (with a $10 coupon, really neat)…I went to pay for the socks.  It was really earlier in the morning — so there was no one else on line.  The beginning of the day– there are three associates behind the counter.  I’m forced to ask “where should I check out?”  No one says anything–a woman steps over to a counter, and puts her hand out for my socks.  I  said good morning…no response.  Complimented her on her necklace to see if that got a response. Nothing.  The sales associate was talking to her colleagues–but would not even really look in  my direction, much less acknowledge my remark.  We finished the transaction and at this point I was really feeling up for a challenge.  I wished her a happy holiday season (in a very even tone, really)…and still nothing.  I know there are stores where employees are trained to greet people as they walk in, but have we really come down to a situation where basic courtesy is absent without an aggressive training seminar?  I probably should have left–but then I wouldn’t have gotten my three pairs of socks for $4.