RIF still needs your support

From RIF….

As early as December 15, the fight for RIF’s funding moves back to the U.S. Senate. Senators will vote next week on the FY11 budget bill called the Omnibus, which does include funding for Reading Is Fundamental. It is critical that the Senate pass the Omnibus in order for RIF to secure its funding and continue serving the 4.4 million children in our programs. As you have before, please take a moment and click below to send a message to your two senators asking them to pass the FY11 Senate Omnibus bill that includes RIF’s grant.

Your voice is the strongest and most important weapon we have to fight this battle. Your action helps millions of vulnerable children. Please send your message NOW!

Good News for RIF (Reading Is Fundamental)

Great news from RIF’s President Carol Rasco:

Thanks to you and the thousands of messages sent in support of Reading Is Fundamental to Senate members during the last two weeks, senators today voted “NO” on an amendment to ban domestic earmarks in the FY11, FY12, and FY13 budget cycle. This is great news! Although RIF is an authorized program and not an earmark, this moratorium would have eliminated RIF’s federal funding. We therefore certainly celebrate this new development—but the fight to secure RIF’s funding continues.

A new Congress comes to Washington in January and will include many freshmen senators and representatives. We will need to rely on you again to educate and inform these members about the importance of RIF and literacy in their states and districts in hope of securing RIF’s federal grant for future years. As a result of this last campaign, we have established a strong foundation on Capitol Hill, but we will need to continue building and making a case for RIF’s funding. The fight will only get tougher from here!

Please be alert to future messages about ways you can get involved in this very important budget cycle. As always, you can visit RIF’s Action Center for the latest information.

Thank you again and Happy Reading!

We thank Carol and all the folks at RIF for all of there important work!

Reading Is Fundamental Needs Your Help

Please read this important note from Carol Rasco, the President of RIF:

On Monday, November 29 the U. S. Senate will vote on an amendment which, if passed, could spell the end of 12 or more national education organizations including Reading Is Fundamental that I am honored to head. I would appreciate your help in sending a message to your state’s current Senators asking them to VOTE NO on this amendment.

During this busy holiday period we have tried to make this as easy on you as possible. Please visit http://www.rif.org/us/get-involved/advocate.htm to compose and send your message quickly—you can also use this site to forward the message to your friends and family.

We join Carol and ask everyone to please send the message that our country will not prosper if we turn our back on literacy.

Help Reading Is Fundamental (RIF): It's easy to do

President Bush’s proposed budget for 2009 eliminates the funding for RIF’s Book Distribution Program. Without the funding, the organization will not be able to distribute 16 million books to the nation’s most at-risk children.

Carol Rasco, the wonderful President of RIF, has asked that we all write to our representatives–and I must say the process for doing this is remarkably easy on the RIF website. It will take all of 2 minutes (max)! Please visit RIF and voice your protest today!

We had the honor of working with Carol Rasco, the dedicated staff at RIF and the amazing network of volunteers all over the country with our literacy initiative, Read It! Play It! .