Help Reading Is Fundamental (RIF): It's easy to do

President Bush’s proposed budget for 2009 eliminates the funding for RIF’s Book Distribution Program. Without the funding, the organization will not be able to distribute 16 million books to the nation’s most at-risk children.

Carol Rasco, the wonderful President of RIF, has asked that we all write to our representatives–and I must say the process for doing this is remarkably easy on the RIF website. It will take all of 2 minutes (max)! Please visit RIF and voice your protest today!

We had the honor of working with Carol Rasco, the dedicated staff at RIF and the amazing network of volunteers all over the country with our literacy initiative, Read It! Play It! .

0 thoughts on “Help Reading Is Fundamental (RIF): It's easy to do

  1. Thank you for spreading the news, I was not aware of that.
    Let’s spread it even more so that lots of people write to their representatives and that maybe the presidential candidates jump on this issue and add it to their promises.

  2. Great idea. It was comforting to hear that lead in toys was also part of the campaign issues this year.

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