PETA's gives a thumbs up to ZhuZhu Hamster Pets

When all the buzz started about ZhuZhu Hamsters, one of the comments we received was whether PETA would support such “fake” animals.  So we asked for a statement from PETA, here is there official statement:

Toys such as Zhu Zhu hamsters and other robotic animals give kids an opportunity to play and cuddle with their furry friends without contributing to animal overpopulation. PETA’s undercover <;page=UserAction&amp;id=1133&amp;formPg=explanation> investigations <> have revealed that small animals are often bred and abused just as puppies in puppy mills—and just as kittens—are. Facilities breed hundreds of thousands of animals every year in deplorable conditions in order to supply pet stores with animals, compounding the overpopulation crisis. These deplorable mills will continue to operate and profit from the misery that they produce until people stop buying ALL animals from pet stores.

PETA weighs in on the Best & Worst Toys

We look at toys all year long…we’re always writing about  new trends and new ways of sorting the toys (gender-free, green, multi-cultural, price, high-tech, etc. ). When we first started  we had a Top Ten Worst Toy List — a list that probably didn’t make us too many friends in  toyland…but was a favorite with feature reporters. Our worst list came to mind when we received word of the  new PETA list – naming Naughty and Nice Toys for 2009— yet another perspective on toyland.  Take a look at their list.

I wonder whether the organization is in favor of all the fake animals…zhu zhu hamsters, furreal pets, etc?