PETA weighs in on the Best & Worst Toys

We look at toys all year long…we’re always writing about  new trends and new ways of sorting the toys (gender-free, green, multi-cultural, price, high-tech, etc. ). When we first started  we had a Top Ten Worst Toy List — a list that probably didn’t make us too many friends in  toyland…but was a favorite with feature reporters. Our worst list came to mind when we received word of the  new PETA list – naming Naughty and Nice Toys for 2009— yet another perspective on toyland.  Take a look at their list.

I wonder whether the organization is in favor of all the fake animals…zhu zhu hamsters, furreal pets, etc?

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  1. Nevermind, I’d like your worst toys list better than theirs. Theirs seems to have everything to do with philosophy and nothing to do with what the recipient will actually enjoy — not very giving, eh?

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