Pick of the Day: Connectagons

725215h A wonderfully pleasing construction set you’ll want to put them on your coffee table (and play with the set yourself). The set comes in a wooden box and includes 240 wooden discs (1-3/4″ in diameter) that each have eight notches on them–making them a really fun open-ended construction set to use. The circles come in a variety of colors–they’re just fun to hold and build with. They came late, but we’re adding Connectagons to our Platinum Award winners for 2009. At $24.98, it’s also a good value. Offered exclusively by HearthSong.

Outdoor Fun Toys

Since I did the outdoor segment on the Today Show last week, we’ve gotten a lot of questions about the really big inflatable ball — the ball is from Hearthsong.  Our recommendation is that you buy the pump they offer if you don’t already have one!  And as I mentioned on the show–you really do need to supervise the use of this product which is marked 6 & up. As soon as we went off air on Thursday all the kids wanted a turn inside the ball while the other kids rolled them around. It’s fun, but needs an adult around.