What’s IN and What’s OUT in toyland 2010

Our list of What’s In and What’s Out in Toyland for 2010.  Every year there are trends that emerge in toyland. Last year there were dinosaurs everywhere…this year they have been replaced by bugs. Elmo is no where to be found (he’ll be relaunched next holiday season by Hasbro), and like everything else in our world these days, toys have also gone 3-D. We’re not sorry to see some the OUT toys go bye-bye and the same is true of many of the IN toys. This is more our observation from a year of testing rather than an thumbs up to either list.

Toys that Are Out for 2o1o                   Toys that Are IN for 2010

Cute Hamsters                                                 Hamster Ready for Battle

Barbie al natural                                             Barbie with an (video) implant

Hannah Montana Doll                                  Justin Bieber Doll

Wireless Controllers                                      No Controllers

Elmo                                                                 Dance Star Mickey

Scrabble                                                           Scrabble Flash

Avatar Toys                                                     Anything Iron Man

Hand Held Electronic Toys                         Your Smartphone

Remote Controlled Dinosaurs                    Remote Controlled Bugs

Friendship Bracelets                                     Toy Handcuffs

Dolls that Wet                                                Dolls with simulate

Rococo Plastic Toys                                      Wooden Toys

Bubbles and Chalk                                         3-D Bubbles and Chalk

Polly Pockets                                                    Zoobles

Zhu Zhu Pets

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For a list of the toys we do recommend–visit www.toyportfolio.com where you’ll find all of our Platinum, Gold, SNAP (special needs adaptable products) and Blue Chip Award winners.

Amazing! : Optrix 3-D Bubbles from Imperial Toy

Optrix 3-D Bubbles

It really must be almost Spring time–the first set of amazing bubbles has arrived. Optrix 3-D bubbles from Imperial Toy comes with 3-D glasses.  So when you blow the bubbles (the set comes with bubbles, a pan and a medium sized wand…you can see STARS around the bubbles!  Super fun.  There are also sets that make you see hearts, lightening bolts and butterflies. We did not test these–but assume they’ll work the same way!  Sets range from $7.99 to $9.99 at places like Walmart and TRU.  We found them on Amazon but the price was above $20 – so be careful to shop this one before you buy…but try them!

With the excitement surrounding Avatar and Alice in Wonderland–it does seem that 3-D is a major trend in entertainment and now toyland.

One disclaimer- I’m really ridiculously happy about bubbles.  It’s hard to stay in a bad mood when you blow bubbles. My suggestion is always be sure to stock up on bubbles. For really little kids, they’re great for tracking and for older kids–there’s nothing more satisfying than making bubbles happen.

WATCH our video.

Trends from Toyland: IToys ME2

We’re looking forward to trying out IToys new ME2 – a plug-in that encourages kids to move around. The more they move around in the real world with the hand-held ME2–the more award points they get for playing on line.  The ME2 has sensors that monitor movement. Of course we will need to have our testers weigh in on the games (kids create their own avatar to play on line).

The ME2 is part of a new (positive) trend in toyland.  Last year Fisher-Price introduced the Smart Cycle for preschoolers- a stationary bike that also requires kids to cycle in order to play the video games.   Parents that we talked to really like the idea of anything that gets kids up and moving– one of the reasons the Wii has been such a hit.  At least you know the kids are moving something besides their thumbs.