While I was Whole Foods….

There was a little boy with his Mom. He wouldn’t stop pushing the cart–she was rightly concerned that he would hit someone.  She stopped, had a quiet talk with him…even suggested that if he couldn’t control himself, she would take him home and do the shopping another time. Really?  As I was picking lemons near by, I observed that he did stop  and she praised him when he was doing it right.  Bravo on all fronts!  So when we were both at the fish counter, I commented on what a big helper he was being.  He nodded.  His mom then leaned in and said ” he insisted that he dress just like his dad.”  How did I miss that this little person was wearing a sports jacket, a patterned shirt and an orange tie?  She seemed a bit embarrassed…but as the mother of two teenagers I just said…in about ten years  you’ll miss this day. Enjoy it!