Pick of the Day: Ugly Dolls

Ugly Dolls 2010

Ugly Dolls have been around for a while but we thought that they deserved a special shout out this  year. The new cast of 2010 Ugly Dolls arrived on a day this summer when were swamped with toys that we just didn’t think kids would play with for very long. As soon as the Ugly Dolls got unpacked, everyone wanted one.  They appeal to both young and old (and we count ourselves on the older part of that spectrum!).  In fact when we have kids in for testing days–they all want to go home with an Ugly Doll.  I think that says something about the inviting whimsy of these soft, huggable zany creatures. If you’re shopping for a hard to buy for tween or teen, Ugly Dolls are usually a welcomed gift. For a review of this year’s dolls and shopping info, visit www.toyportfolio.com.

My favorite new action figures…Ugly Dolls

img_0369It’s a beautiful Spring day here in NYC–finally!  I’m cheered by the weather but completely bummed out that my mother tripped yesterday. Nothing is broken – also good. So shouts out to her to feel better quickly. Yesterday (before lunch) we had just congratulated ourselves on getting the office cleared from the last massive batch of toys we’ve received this past month.  We are busy notifying award winners for spring..humming along…

So today’s UPS delivery brought many, many new boxes…and the first one I opened contained new Ugly Doll Action Figures from Ugly Dolls.  These little plastic versions of their plush counterparts made me smile instantly….They twist at their middle…I planted mine in my container of grass (no mowing required here.).

Your kids will want them (and truth be told they make great office toy too!). There are 12 action figures in the first collection. The boxes don’t tell you which figure you’re getting -so there is that element of surprise as well (depending on your child this will either be fun or tear producing).

Pick of the Day: Ugly Dolls

41rrnq6ny1l_sl500_aa280_Ugly dolls continue to be a major hit with our toy testers-especially in that tween age group. Older kids that test for us–will also ask, “any new Ugly dolls?” At $19.99 for a 12″ doll, it’s a solid fun choice that appeals to both boys and girls (also a plus). We also recommend the Ugly Doll Card Game ($9.99) from Gamewright.

Sprig Vehicles Deliver

One of the bright spots at toy fair this year was a new company called Sprig- started by a group of innovative toy industry veterans with a commitment to a green line.  The first rollout so to speak is a line of vehicles designed for the preschool crowd.  The smaller vehicles were a huge hit with our testers–they are chunky and easy to handle.  The vehicles are made of a composite of recycled milk jugs, bottles and reclaimed pine sawdust.  The faceless action figures have a very contemporary look to them. The coloration (they don’t add paint) is muted and looks related to the color palette of the Ugly Dolls collection. For more info visit toyportfolio.com and sprigwood.com.