Rubik’s Cube in 10.31 seconds

How fast can you solve a Rubik's Cube?

Wanna feel slow?  Just got word that 15 year old Sergey Ryabko of Russia is now the European Rubik’s European Champion.  He beat out the Netherlands’ Erik Akkersdijk (10.38) and Germany’s relatively slow (just kidding!) Cornelius Dieckmann (10.78 seconds!). The championship was held in Budapest, Hungary with more than 250 cubers from 26 different countries.  The World Record is still held by Scotland’s  Breandan Vallance (8.31 seconds!!)

Erik Akkersdijk, Sergey Ryabko, Cornelius Dieckmann

They also have one handed Rubik Cube winners (Michal Pleskovitz of Poland) and blindfolded specialists (Rafal Guzewicz of Poland).  Who knew?!

I still have my old Rubik’s Cube..and I’m still working on it!


Rubik's Cube…new site ""

The makers of Rubik’s Cube are aiming to help kids master the cube…and use that skill as a positive message for life. Having thrown my fair share of Rubik’s Cubes across the room as a kid….I could have used a little help!  (My brother figured it out the first afternoon, put it down in front of me and said… “there, not so hard” and left the room.  The site is  I’m still a big fan of the original…our testers did not like new 360 Edition…where you have a sphere to contend with…even our best brain teaser experts felt it wasn’t the same “skill” experience.

This might be cool: Rubik's Touch Cube

rubiks-cube-touch_mediumFor a new generation, the Rubik Cube will be electronic this holiday season. Rather than turning the cube, you’ll touch the grid to change the colors.  Do you think this will make it easier?  I doubt it–but you probably will think twice before you throw this one across the room in frustration!  The maker, Techno Source, plans on retailing the updated version for under $149.