Price Wars in Toyland

It seems every time I google “toys” there’s a new story about price slashing in the toy retail market. All good, but it doesn’t mean that all “reduced” or “discounted”  toys are worth  your money or your child’s time.  So for the next few weeks, as we approach the holidays we are going to highlight toys that are great to play with AND easy on the budget!  Today’s list features Five Great Toys for under $15.

The price wars begin in toyland with a less than great deal from TRU

Today Toys R Us announced that it would offer consumers 10% back on purchases.  As with most retail offers, it has a time limit. You have to use AFTER Christmas and BEFORE January 31st.  AND the max rewards is $50.

The time frame seems a lot like ice in January to me…unless of course you’re still in diaper zone and could use the 10% discount for stocking up on diapers.  Thoughts?