Planning a Birthday Party? – Let Jean Marzollo show you the way

Visit for really helpful information about planning birthday parties for kids…I especially like the list entitled “What Makes the Birthday Child Cry”.

My folks made wonderful parties for us. Themes were always big–pirates, cowboys ruled the day for my brothers.   I just remember the day being so special–the candy necklaces when I was smaller– and the elaborate origami party my Dad ran for my 10th birthday.  Many of my hometown facebook buddies still remember that one!

With my brother Tony and my new Steiff pony

With my brother Tony and my new Steiff pony

This from my 4th birthday–I wish I still had that pony (and that color hair!)


Yesterday I took a journey back with my parents–we did origami together. Or at least we tried…

Friends reconnecting with me over facebook–still talk about my 10th birthday party–my parents cleared the dining room and we had an Asian inspired party…with my Dad teaching a room full of kids how to do origami. It’s one of my favorite memories-so I decided we should do some origami again.

But since their house was destroyed in a fire, all of my dad’s trusty origami books were lost.  So we turned to the internet for instructions.  I have to say I can’t remember the last time I laughed so hard.  We were doing pretty well until we would get to step 12…and then nothing.  My son Matthew ditched us after a few tries. My father, being the book lover he is, insisted that you really need a BOOK to learn anything.

He returned today with two books–which we will try this weekend.