Marbles and Bugs…just my kind of toys

I’m delighted to find that Hape has expanded the Quadrilla marble run line (a Platinum award winner from 2006). Here’s the new Xcellerator. These are pricey sets but the type of toy that will be handed down.

Xcellerator by Hape Toys

Xcellerator by Hape Toys will retail for $149

The design is so appealing. It looks like the track will provide for lots of speedy runs. We haven’t tested this particular set yet.

On the flip side of old-fashioned marble runs– take a look at Hexbugs Nano V2 from Innovation First. My mother thinks I’m obsessed with Hexbugs. I used to love capturing bugs as a kid–so that’s probably where the interest comes from. Now, instead of just having bugs on regular flat tracks, the new versions are designed so that they can move around tubed tracks that can be put in a vertical positions. How cool is that?  Hope it works!!  (As with most of my blog posting during Toy Fair, we are previewing the toys rather than reporting on toys we’ve tested yet.)

HEXBUG Nano V2 Set by Innovation First

HEXBUG Nano V2 Set by Innovation First

Pick of the Day: Hexbug Micro Robotic Creatures

red-crab-front I love this new collection of little robotic creatures from Innovation First. The Crab has both sound and light sensors so when you turn it on–it will respond to both and change direction. The Inchworm (my favorite in red) comes with a little remote control–that is easy and fun to operate. The Crab is $14.99 and the Inchworm is $19.99. They come in a see-thru domed package (also gifty and attractive). Kids will enjoy them–but we would also recommend them as the perfect office toy. When the stress of the financial news is getting you down, these little bugs are a fun diversion. We’re adding them to our Platinum Award list.