We’re getting ready for our annual trip uptown to see Richard Davies at ABC Radio Network.  Richard was one of the first members of the mainstream press to take a chance on the toyportfolio when we first started.  Each year we go up to the ABC studios with a collection of NOISY toys.  It’s radio after all–so the noisier the better!  Last year Richard started doing podcasts of his interviews – so now this also means there is video tape–calling for more toys and oh yes, some hair and makeup.

Radio -especially shows that are going to be edited always invite a much more laid back feeling to them.  The video camera is another aspect – you have to sit up straight–you can’t poke your mother in the same way you would if no one was looking.  No wacky faces. In other words you have to behave more.

We probably have too many toys in our bag–many are talking all on their own. The snake is hissing, Mickey is asking us to dance along!