Paris Hilton inspires a new trend in toyland

Paris Hilton with her doggie

My sense is that the current toy trend of little doggies in carrying cases is a Paris Hilton inspired concept — they are all over toyland this year.

One of the latest on the market combines the doggie carrier with an activity kit.

Designer Doggie from Creativity for Kids

It’s called  Designer Doggie (from Creativity for Kids) and comes under the heading of…you really, really don’t need to be a rocket scientist to do it.  Again, Ms. Hilton inspired?  That said some parents may think there isn’t enough to do. The kit comes with a little, very cute, very soft, white doggie that comes with her own travel case. There are peel-off felt stickers that are used to decorate the carrying case. Comes with a dog tag (you can personalize) and little pink bows for the doggies hair.  Is this complicated? No.  Is it a cute little kit that kids will enjoy decorating and then taking along? Absolutely!