Election Toys and Books

With so much interest in the elections this year, it’s a great opportunity to bring your kids into the process.

1. Read a book about one of the candidates. There are new picture books about Obama, McCain and Clinton. While we have seen books for adults about Governor Palin, the children’s book industry is not that speedy. For reviews visit www.toyportfolio.com.

2. Play a game. With all the discussion of blue and red states-here’s a perfect opportunity to work on those state skills. Some of our favorite games are on our website.

3.Put a map up – have your kids track the states. Where does Grandma live? Red? Blue? Battleground?

4. Volunteer–it’s not too late. Showing your kids that everyone can make a difference can begin with grassroots support activities.

5. Take them to vote. One of my favorite activities as kid was pulling the lever. Most voting districts will allow you to take your child into the voting booth. They also have sample paper ballots so that your child can also “vote”.