I always had a problem with charades. I never got the “sounds like, two words, two parts” thing.  It just made me tense. So I was interested when we received a game called Reverse Charades by Gryphon Games. I was even happier when we got the Junior Edition. Let’s just say, I do even better with games targeted to the 6 & up crowd. This game is meant for a group, family, friends…even better.

Reverse Charades…what makes it a reverse charade? Each team has a guess while the other members of the team act out the word. There is no “sounds like” aspect to this game. There are 720 words/phrases to play with. Here are some samples: pillow fight, itchy, hula hoop, crab walk.   As you’ll notice, the word choices are age appropriate and will be enjoyed by mixed ages.