Pick of the Day: Wedgits Pink & Purple Tote

pinkwedgitsWhen we started the toyportfolio I was pretty annoyed with all the pink building sets. They were all about building a mall or a pony stable– no skyscrapers, no superhero vehicles…just a very limited range of fantasy.  We started the Gender Free Toy List in part to bring attention to this color coded approach to children’s play and toys.  For the most part, I still stand by those early articles.  There is no reason to limit girls or boys to the type of toys they play with.  The Corolle Green Umbrella Stroller is on our list this year for a reason.  And we have applauded Little Tikes and Step 2 for making gender free kitchens that are acceptable for both boys and girls.  (When we started almost all toy kitchens were screaming pink.)

Today we just received the new Wedgits Pink & Purple Tote.  Just like their primary sets, this is an open-ended construction toy that’s just fun.  pinkwedgittwo

It comes with a set of 48 design cards…that are abstract designs (no malls or ponies in sight).  Each card tells the builder how many pieces they’ll need for the creation and then has a picture.

pinkwedgitsthree It’s just this type of experience with spatial relations that we want all of our kids to enjoy.  The cards will give kids a jumping off point for exploring the set– but the truth is, just put this one out on the family coffee table and see what everyone builds.  For a full review of the new Wedgits line, visit www.toyportfolio.com.

0 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Wedgits Pink & Purple Tote

  1. I wish they’d come out with an Orange set of Wedgits

    Have you played with the original Wedgits? They are just as much fun, and much more educational with all those colors involved!

  2. Yes…we really like the primary colored sets. But if you’re into all things pink and purple…these will be appealing. I like the open-endedness of the line. Why orange?

  3. Okay, I did find one reason perhaps to purchase Wedgits in a color tone tote like this instead of the traditional rainbow — it is one more degree of difficulty in making the patterns on the cards.

    So these are actually more challenging to the child to build with since the color will not tell them the size of the piece needed. They need to figure it out.

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