Steve Martin and Martin Short…

were on Late Night last night with David Letterman.. and were just pure funny.   It wasn’t too scripted (except for the story Steve  had obviously told the producer in a pre-interview about the Three Amigos premiere and then forgot). When Dave reminded him…he then told the story about how the three actors (Chevy Chase was the third amigo)…agreed to wear their amigo outfits to the premiere.  At the last minute Steve and Chevy decide to wear their tuxedos instead..but of course do not tell Marty.

You could just tell that these  two thoughtful, witty, smart people have a history of making each other laugh. So it was fun to have a glimpse of that friendship for a few minutes.  I realized that I hadn’t seen Martin Short in a while…and that all three men sitting there were looking a little old…when did that happen?

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