Pick of the day: Zoobie Pets

zoobies-mudd-the-moose We arrived at our offices a few days ago to be greeted by this moose, a bumble bee and a black bear- three of the new animals from Zoobie Pets.  Here’s the great things about Zoobie Pets, in each belly  there is a wonderful soft fleece blanket.  So in one fun toy you have the fun of a soft huggable  with the added perk of it being the perfect take along for your blankie!!  I would have loved this– like Linus, my security blanket was really important to me!  Parents will also like that the blanket can either remain connected to the animal by a zipper–but it can also be unzipped for easy washing.   Very clever! We have given the animals we’ve seen to date an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award.

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