So embarrassing….

So every year we kick off Toy Fair with a sneak preview at Mattel and Hasbro.  The fair officially starts on Sunday at the Javits Center in NYC.  So we’re all good…we’re catching up with the pr folks for Mattel.  We were discussing how big our kids are (how did that happen?) …all is going very well.  There is  press event with Jeremy Piven for a new Hot Wheels launch. We are told to be quiet since there were lots of crews filming the event.  We opted not to watch the event, but get straight to the toys!

So we start on our tour and then I for some unknown reason BASH into an easel with a sign on it. The sign falls.  Yes, it was one of those moments that you wish you could take back…but you’re there…you just have to laugh it off.  I know my brother has a photo of me –probably looking horrified and laughing. Oh well.

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