Toy Fair Previews: Now That’s What I Call a Puzzle!

Tomorrow we begin Toy Fair with visits to both Mattel and Hasbro.  This week our mail boxes are FULL of new toys vying for attention at this year’s fair.

This one got my attention:  Ravensburger’s largest commercially available puzzle (according to the Guinness Book of World Records). Complete with 32, 256 pieces. It will measure 17′ x 6′ –so the family dining room table will be out of the question!

The puzzle features the artwork of the late Keith Haring. It weighs 42 pounds and comes with it’s own hand truck!

The puzzle will retail for $299.

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2 thoughts on “Toy Fair Previews: Now That’s What I Call a Puzzle!

  1. It looks HARD with all those repetitive primary colors & shapes. But it would be great installed as a mural. Think they’ll sell more than 5?

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