Project Natal now Project Kinect for Xbox 360

I wrote about Project Natal when we saw a preview of it during the winter.   From what I saw at the preview, it looked as if it was truly next generation gaming and would kick the Wii out of many a family room.  Say goodbye to controllers–the software helps you create your own avatar (of you–even down to your ponytail) and then you become the controller…yep, just kick or swing your hand and voila it happens on screen. Of course we haven’t tested it yet with kids–so we don’t know how all the games play out for kids, tween, teens and adults–but it looks really fun even if you’re a well-meaning, geeky, less than confident gamer over a certain age.

My brother James is at E3 where they now really rolling it out…keep up with all things E3 by reading his posts at

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