The Phallic Form in Toys

LeapFrogs Learn & Groove Magic Wand

The Learn & Groove Magic Wand from LeapFrog isn’t the first toy with this form issue.  Each year there’s always a toy that sends us into 7th grade immaturity mode at toy fair.  At this point it’s really become an issue of who can maintain composure the longest while the toy demonstrator goes on and on about the toy without even a hint or wink about the toy’s shape.  All kidding aside,  it did make me wonder once again how these toys get through a group of designers, product managers,  and the all important focus groups (the “moms” we’re always told about) without anyone saying anything.   Not a word? Not a chuckle?  I just can’t believe that the media that comes through and tries not to laugh (we’re never good at that) is the first group  to say “hey, that kinda looks like a…”

I feel better having learned this morning that we weren’t the only group to mention the obvious.

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