Pick of the Day: Gender Free Stroller from Corolle

It’s hard to find a non-pink stroller which is why we were really delighted when this green/blue  umbrella strollers arrived from Corolle. There is also a pink/red version that’s cute–but in terms of newsworthy–this  combo is a great option. If we want our sons to grow up being involved dads–role playing with dolls is equally important to them as it is for little girls. The mechanism for opening the stroller is not something your kids will do–but this lightweight stroller is just right for strolls outside.

I think I’ve written about this before — or maybe I just still feel so guilty about it–but I broke my first doll stroller by take a little ride in it myself.  The salesman at Alexanders kept telling my Mom that it was clear that I sat in it. I stood there silently as my mother defended my honor. I was three.   Ok–I’m prepared to finally let this go. It’s been a while.

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  1. I wish this gender-free stroller was out a year or two ago. My son is turning three soon, but would have gotten much less flack from my family if he could have pushed all his stuffed animals around in this. I must say though, I felt his manhood was not jepordized by pushing T-Rex around in a pink version, lol. Glad to see a company provide more options for children.

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