I Can Be…Barbie Pet Vet

31heojufbdl_sl500_aa280_1The new Barbie Pet Vet has arrived.  The set comes with a pony (with a splinted leg), a kitten, one fish (pink of course), carrots (for the horse I assume), a laptop, a scale, a pink vet’s bag…and what’s that…oh yes, a really oversized hairbrush in the corner…just in case. All pinkness aside, I actually like this set–she looks ready for work in her no-nonsense yet fashionable brown boots.

One thought on “I Can Be…Barbie Pet Vet

  1. Am I seeing things correctly?? Is that splinted leg pony really only thigh high to Barbie?? Must be a dwarf pony – and that is really upsetting……

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