Grave Digger for Kids…Why?

Grave Digger Truck from Hot Wheels

We are adding this one to our list of “what were they thinking toys”? I can’t really see an argument that supports making a toy truck for young children with the name Grave Digger.  And even if you were to say, hey many of them aren’t even old enough to read the name (it’s on the truck as well as the box)…how about that artwork?  Really? This seems more like a design school final project – intended as a spoof on a classic toy rather than an offering from the nation’s largest toy company intended for the six and under crowd. A major disappointment from the design department at Hot Wheels. 

7 thoughts on “Grave Digger for Kids…Why?

  1. These Monster Jam toys are replicas of the Monster Trucks that you see in the actual Monster Truck shows. They’ve been around for a few years now. Our son has a mini Grave Digger monster truck and for easter he wanted the chocolate Monster Truck (also featuring Grave Digger). Funny but it’s the one that most appealed to him because he likes “scary” things.

  2. Thanks Sandra for the history of the truck. Does your son know what a graver digger does? Or is it just a truck from the Monster Truck show?

  3. My sons love Grave DIgger as well. The name has been lost on them since they were aware of the truck before they knew what a grave was. And actually, the driver seems to be very kind and family oriented. The headquarters are near the outer banks and he’s often there doing signings. Sometimes I’m appalled at how much I know about monster trucks now.

  4. This sounds like comments coming from someone who is totally disconnected with what the monster truck genre is about. Kids relate to these by their look, sounds, and stunts they do and have no idea what a “grave digger” even is or means. My 2 1/2 year old son loves it and knows the name but has no thought of evil or other negative connotations. This is a licensed toy by the MonsterJam organization, so they have to produce something this is as close a replica to the real truck as they can. Grave Digger is one of the original monster trucks and is probably the most recognized and famous trucks since their inception. Let’s teach & accept this for what it was meant to be, a fun thing, not twist it into something evil that might generate nightmares or turn our kids into law breaking delinquents.

  5. Hi MIke,
    I appreciate that your 2 1/2 year old loves monster trucks and that you are enjoying that with him. That’s great. I’m talking about the imagery that we are exposing our very young children to…and while your 2 1/2 year old may not ask you, believe me he will when he’s 4. Death and grave diggers are certainly a part of life–but I question having to introduce the concept with such harsh visuals to preschoolers. I also doubt that the creative forces behind Monster Trucks started out with the idea of marketing the concept of “grave digger” to kids. Licensing has a way of reaching unintended audiences. One of the most requested lines of toys this year from four and five year olds has been Iron Man toys. I love the movies and the character–but I certainly wouldn’t recommend the current movies for this age group.

  6. My son has loved monster trucks since before he was even 3 years old. He’s a happy, healthy, normal kid. Yes the imagery is a little on the dark side, but Monster Jam is some of the most clean, family friendly events out there.
    If you think Grave Digger is inappropriate for young kids, then do you shelter them from Halloween as well? What about when they go trick or treating and people have tombstones and skeletons for decorations? Do you cover their eyes and tell them to move along?
    I don’t see anything wrong with it. Its not like there’s a picture of a bloody corpse that was bludgeoned to death.

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