Pick of the Day: I Spy Little Wheels and Little Animal Puzzles

Looking for a great way to build your child’s patience and ability to stick with a task?  Puzzles are a wonderful way to connect and talk about problem solving skills.  Give your child some strategies–“can we find all the flats?” “all the pieces that are green?”

The idea is to find puzzles that will build confidence. Save the 1,000 piece puzzles for you!  Some kids take to puzzles very easily–for others they are just pure frustrating…that usually means the puzzle is too hard.  This set from Briarpatch comes with four puzzles.  Our suggestion — take on the pieces out for one puzzle at a time and leave the rest in the box!  Read our complete review and shopping info on our site.

Also be sure to visit  Jean Marzollo’s website  (the author of the I Spy series). It’s chock full of activities for kids that are fun (and not a waste of their time or minds!).

2 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: I Spy Little Wheels and Little Animal Puzzles

  1. Hrms. Son likes I Spy and Wheels. But he’s speeding through 24 pc puzzles and I was looking at 48 pc puzzles for Christmas.

    Are these particularly hard to put together? He’s got another 4-in-1 Briarpatch set (animals with different colored backgrounds – The Simms Taback 4 Safari puzzles) that he just speeds through ever since he got it back in March (2.5 years)

  2. Wow! He is an advanced puzzle guy for his age! This is exactly what I mean about finding that zone for your child. Take a look at our site for puzzles- you’ll note that some with fewer pieces are even difficult for 5s & up (Creatures from Chronicle comes to mind). There are Thomas the Tank puzzles with more pieces and may be of particular interest to your son if he’s a fan. We have recommended this year Thomas & Friends (Briarpatch) 35 piece floor puzzles. Very big and fun to do!

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