A little bit in love…

Crayola's new Model Magic Presto Dots

We just got the new Model Magic Presto Dots and I’m in love.  I do have to own up to really enjoying the original Model Magic.  It’s fun to work with and it doesn’t leave your hands oddly moist like other molding materials.  So with the Presto Dots you use the little blue tool to cut out some of the model magic. They suggest using wax paper but if you just use the inside of the model magic pouch–it also works.  When you press the blue tool against the form for your animal, the model magic comes out like a little marshmallow — very satisfying. That said–be careful that smaller children don’t mistake them for candy!  There is a sheep and a puppy kit–as well as a larger multi-pack (comes with two forms) – and more alien-like creatures.  The sets start at $9.99. Not a big deal, just fun.  For other craft kits, visit our site at www.toyportfolio.com.

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