My favorite toy…so far/ sing-a-majigs

Fisher-Price's Sing-a-majigs!

We saw the Sing-a-majigs at toy fair preview last month and we weren’t allowed to talk about them. It’s like being told what your best friend is getting for their birthday — and not being able to tell for weeks.  So we were really excited today to see them again.

I thought maybe we had romanticized them…yes, at this point you can say–it’s a toy, get over it. But hey, this is what we do for a living. So when a really fun and innovative toy comes along–we get excited.

I’m happy to report that these cute little dolls (that will retail for a reasonable $12.99 each) are just about the best thing going. They babble to each other, they sing together and perhaps most remarkably they harmonize!  AND they’re easy to make work.

Watch the video.

0 thoughts on “My favorite toy…so far/ sing-a-majigs

  1. I just want to point out that you need two of these to make them harmonize…but, I agree, they are good fun!
    Of course, one alone can sing or talk, but the way they harmonize is the best!

  2. When will these be available for purchase? My granddaughter’s birthday is 3/17 and I would love to get her some.

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