Flamingos at Toy Fair…

Playmobil's Flamingos

We had a neighbor when I was growing up who was most proud of her plastic flamingos.  Of course, some people (who shall remain nameless) had great fun  moving those flamingos from time to time throughout the neighborhood.  Hey, it’s more humane than tipping cows.

As a result, I’ve always had a fondness for the plastic flamingo. This pair is from Playmobil.

One thought on “Flamingos at Toy Fair…

  1. I love flamingos! My parents and their best friends have an ongoing joke about the pink plastic lawn ornament type – every time someone moves (for the last 40+ years), the pink flamingos magically appear on the lawn to greet them to the neighborhood and leave an impression on the new neighbors….the same pair of flamingos have attended all of our weddings and flamingo gifts have flown back and forth between the families for years. And now, Elizabeth has a fondness for them…. may the tradition continue 😉

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