Polly Pocket and me

Remember that time in your life when everything really tiny is of great interest?  Polly Pocket plays to that childhood love of everything small. Of course I often hear from parents that they hate stepping on all those little pieces of Polly Pocket paraphernalia as much as stepping on Lego bricks.  One of the pleasures of my job is listening to kids play with these little settings…the banter of pretend play is priceless.  If you haven’t already-video tape these moments…do it soon.  It’s over before you know it.

When I first saw the Polly Pocket Roller Coaster at toy fair, I was intrigued. There are rarely track sets for girls.  So much to the surprise of my mother and all of our summer interns, I was pretty excited about this set.  It goes together pretty well (just don’t try to lift it, it falls apart). There is a fun crank that you use to send Polly up the track…and then she rolls down into the water (also fun).  Of course I wish the set had come with more than one Polly…but that’s true of most racing track sets that only come with one car.

This is clearly a one trick pony kind of toy…it’s a closed set (we have the same complaint with most of the current Matchbox sets)…with no ability to mix up the tracks in different configurations–but it is fun. There is water involved–so be prepared for some mess with this one.  To watch the video click here.

Note: we haven’t received our safety verification forms back on this product yet.

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