Pick of the Day: Ring-o Flamingo


Hooray! We have a new silly fun game to tell you about!  Ring-o Flamingo from Gamewright is really lots of fun to play.  The first thing that our testers loved was the game board.  You lock in the pink flamingoes and the two alligators into the board that fits into the box. The game play involves the concept that one of the flamingoes has gone overboard and you have to fling the flamingo a lifesaver as quickly as possible before the alligators get the flamingo!  Watch out, you don’t want to get a lifesaver around the neck of one of the alligators.  Now here’s the really fun part, each player has a life boat that is loaded with lifesavers–that you “fling” onto the game board. So it’s sort of like play ring toss…but you’re all playing at once.  The key is learning how to be far enough away from the board so that you hit the flamingoes repeatedly.  The more flamingoes you save the more points you get…and win.  Points are deducted if you save the alligators.  Fast paced and fun for all ages. We’re giving this one an Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award!

4 thoughts on “Pick of the Day: Ring-o Flamingo

  1. The Ringo -0 Flamingo seems to have a great potential.

    I would appreciate if the article also mentioned the name of the designer.

    Would be interested in knowing who he aor she is?

  2. The game is from Gamewright…I don’t know the name of the specific game designer.

  3. Haim, Yoav and Jakob created the game concept…I say this respectfully. But all the illustrations and character design were done by me…Dean MacAdam. And of course I was art directed by Lisa Goldstein of Gamewright.

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