Trends from ToyFair 2009: Spin Master's GloDoodle

glodoodle_lifestyle_hiresWe’re eager to test Spin Master’s new Glodoodle ($19.99/available this fall)…It promises to be a light up drawing platform.  Much like the classic Magna Doodle in design (with a stylus) or last  year’s  Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award winning Glow Station from Crayola that is now available in a travel size. You can draw on this board and then with a push of the button the image is suppose to clear completely.  Maybe because I grew up making long car trips — I always wanted something that I could play with in the back seat.   I know it would have cut down on the number of shoving fights with my brothers.  I guess in an era of built in DVD players in the car, it’s not the same issue–but it’s still nice to have a creative outlet that works after dark.

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  1. Hi. I was wondering if you have tested the GloDoodle by Spin Master yet and have any comments on it. I have seen the commercial and one of my kids has it on her birthday list. Thanks.

  2. Yes! We just tested it and loved it….really fun to use. It’s exactly the toy I always wished I had in the back seat of the car. We are just waiting for verification on the safety forms before we post an official glowing review.

  3. Bought this on a Thursday June 25. Great fun for a child who likes to draw. By Sunday June 28, the “eraser” screen was cracked. I think it was not clearing the drawing at the very bottom and somehow holding down the “clear button” caused a crack. Anybody else have this problem? This concept is great. When I was young, we had to peel up the sheet to erase the image. $20 is a not a lot of money, but it adds up if you have to keep replacing the unit.

  4. Wow–that’s not good news. Did you bring it back? Or contact Spinmaster? It shouldn’t break on the first week out.

  5. Orita, I contacted Spinmaster and they’d like to send you a new one. Please email me your address if your interested to We have a high hopes for this product — so we’d be interested to see how you find the replacement.

  6. Is the GloDoodle on the market yet? We can’t find where to buy one.

  7. Stephanie, thank you so much for your help. I received the replacement from Spinmaster today, July 8. I’m am very impressed with the company’s response time. I will be sure to post an update on the performance of the new GloDoogle.

  8. We got the GloDoodle for our son to take on vacation. I was a bit disappointed at first because it didn’t seem very sturdy but it kept him occupied for the whole ride and was pretty cool to use. However, our screen also cracked while erasing after only one week of moderate use. It is a great, fun toy but not so long-lasting.

  9. That’s disappointing to hear. We had high hopes for this toy because the drawing aspect of it is so much fun. It does seem to need a better mechanism for erasing. Thanks for your feedback!

  10. Kellie, The company would like to send you a replacement to test. Please email me your address to There have been updates to the product–so hopefully the erasing issue will be better now. We will also try it again here. It seems like we all want this one to work–because it is so much fun when it’s working properly.

  11. Just an update on the replacement I received. After 3 weeks, it’s still in use and working well. While the novelty is less, it is used almost everyday.

  12. I was excited to buy one of these for my son, but after one day of use (in the living room only) somehow a few pieces of some material are stuck in between the layers inside causing some large air bubbles and preventing drawing in those spots. I don’t know if they were there originally or not, I only saw them when he asked me to draw him something.

    I can’t see any way to remove them, apart from taking it all apart (and even then I don’t know if it would do more harm than good) and of course we already threw out the box so taking it back to the store isn’t an option.

    Potentially a great product, but maybe a few bugs remain to be worked out…

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