Trends From ToyFair 2009: SpinMasters Air Hogs Switchblade

airhogsswitchblade2Last year we spent way too much time flying Spin Master’s little Havoc Helis around our office. We got pretty good at it too–so we’re pretty psyched that they have new flying machines!  The Switchblade promises to take off like a UFO and transform in the air–into a hig powered aircraft.   We’ll have to go outside for this one…field trip!

8 thoughts on “Trends From ToyFair 2009: SpinMasters Air Hogs Switchblade

  1. where can i purchase this item? I saw it on Letterman where the rep advertised retail at $40 but did not say where to go to purchase – how odd? any info appreciated – thanks

  2. It’s available at the major box retailers…tru, walmart, etc. We had trouble controlling it. You do need a lot of space and patience.

  3. I’m from Italy. I saw this toy on Letterman too. Is there any chance to find it in Europe? Can I buy it on-line at least? Thanks in advance for your reply

  4. Hi Pamela…we checked with Spinmaster and as of now they do not sell Air Hogs in Italy. I guess your best bet would be to find a website that will ship to you. But check out my more recent post–they didn’t test as well as we had hoped.

  5. Electrical current in Italy is at a higher voltage, you wull also need a converter in order to recharge it.

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