Trends from Toy Fair 2009: It's BACK, Crayola's Crayon Maker

03-9000_crayonmkr_trayupCrayola’s Crayon Maker (a former Oppenheim Toy Portfolio¬† Platinum Award winner) is making a come back. It’s smaller than the original unit which seems fine and best yet, the dome is now clear so that you can watch the crayons melt.¬† Not sure why this process was hidden before behind blue plastic. With all the talk of repurposing products, I love the idea that old crayons that would normally be thrown out become brand new crayons your kids will enjoy using. We’re looking forward to testing the new version.

0 thoughts on “Trends from Toy Fair 2009: It's BACK, Crayola's Crayon Maker

  1. WOW! I remember as a kid we’d take the wrappers off all our old crayons and melt them out on the patio on summer afternoons (we live in Oklahoma where the late July/August temps top 100 most days) and then roll the melted crayons into balls and cool them by the AC vent.

    How fun is this! It’s all the cool without all the messy work!

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