Pre-Toy Fair Buzz: Barbie Digital Nail Printer

barbie-digital-nail-printerHard to believe that another toy season is just around the bend.  While most consumers are recovering from the holidays, toy makers are busy at work getting ready to launch their new lines for 2009.  Toy Fair officially begins in mid-Feburary in NYC–but many of the companies have previews to get all of us excited about the new season.

The first toy we “previewed”  was the Barbie Digital Nail Printer.  Now we’re usually not big on nail kits that have fake nails that are intended for your seven year old to glue on…but this is really different and if it works will be a hit with girls (and some not so little girls as well).  You place your finger in the printer and then it hooks up to your PC—you can then select an image (I selected a repeating pattern of pink Barbies)….and it is literally printed on your fingernail. (The software allows you to adjust the image to exact a custom fit of the image.) Thankfully, I had just had a manicure and was good to go for my Barbie overlay.

That’s right you’re basically putting your finger into an ink jet printer. Once the image is printed on, you add a clear top coat and you’re good to go.  If you’re having a sleepover party–or any situation where you have a bunch of girls…this will be a real crowd favorite. We’re looking forward to testing this one!

3 thoughts on “Pre-Toy Fair Buzz: Barbie Digital Nail Printer

  1. I went to purchase this product as a christmas present for my daughter today at Toys-r-us,I sat and watched all the nails done. and, they were all blurry and u could see every brush stroke from the white polish that is applied before the picture is put on, I changed my mind to not purchase this wanted item for my daughter. Shes going to be very upset! the price is rediculis from the start, I went 100 miles to get this and came home empty handed. I was also upset that i wasted most of my day to BE ABLE TO SEE A SMILE ON HER FACE CHRISTMAS MORNING. I THINK ALOT OF PARENTS AND GIRLS ARE GOING TO BE LET DOWN FROM THE RESULTS, FORSURE MINE WILL BE UPSET THAT I DID’NT BUY THIS!I hope the maker realizes that alot of poeple are going to be upset that things are not as thay had saw on the t.v. I wanted to let u know about my let down today….Please,check it out for urself and maybe, make some changes. i would like to purchase this if the items could work alittle better. Let me know and hope i can still get this for my daughter before christmas! It’s all she wants and all she talks about. Sorry if i’ve affended anyone. I was let down and, had my heart set on bringing this home for her. Thank you

  2. Hi Angela, We found that it took some practice to get it right but then it does work. For us it took us about four nails to get the alignment correct so that the image was actually printing on my finger nail. The last one we did (a pineapple) came out really well. It was a clearer image than the Barbie head we printed, but I believe that has more to do with the greater amount of color used for the pineapple. The white polish really needs to dry before you put on the pre-print coat…which also has to dry well. We rushed through these steps at first and the images were blurry. You can also use your own base coat color–I found the white hard to get just right. It is a great deal of money so if you weren’t satisfied with what you saw, you’re right to pass. I also really needed the “tech” help I got from two teenagers to get the alignment issue settled. So if you’re not techy, it may also be frustrating. If you’re looking for an alternative, I’d put together a “spa” package…with polishes, nail decals and all the fixings in a big basket. Or for the same amount of money, you can both go get your nails done together at a nail salon several times!

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