The Cost of Toys

We’re going through our data base and new entries to find the toys with the biggest bang for your buck. It can be done–and right now we’re verifying products that we have loved in the past–to make sure that they’re still available and that the price is still reasonable.

All of the new testing requirements (a good thing) have added to the cost of toys significantly. Pair that added expense with increases in fuel, resins, etc. and it won’t be your imagine, the price of toys this year has gone up (just like everything else!)  Most of the toys have bumped up a good 10 to 15%.  Some of our favorite big deal toys this year cost in excess of $200.  We usually call these the “call in the grandparents” presents– of course with many grandparents taking a serious hit to their retirement funds…not sure that will work this year.

So if you have a toy for under $15 that you feel is really spectacular–please feel free to share your find.

The good news is that many board games are still under that $15 or $19.99 price point.

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  1. I have a great toy idea under $15 thats always a big hit in my house. They are called rocket balloons. I would recommend buying a more expensive pump (usually in the $8 range) so kids can blow them up themselves. Boys and girls of all ages love them. They are kind of loud, but, like I said kids love them!!!!!!

  2. they are not really regular balloons. they have some sort of knot in the end that makes them scream through the air. they are long probably about 12 -18 inches when fully inflated. you can purchase them at target, walmart or just about anywhere now. i have even seen them in the grocery stores. kids of all ages love to chase them around as they scream through the air. they are an inexpensive fun toy!!!!

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