Leapfrog has introduced a new handheld educational gaming system where you can download games. Our young tester LOVED playing on the Didj. Our parent tester also thought it was great that you could load your child’s spelling words–that then become part of the “gaming” experience. All sounds great. I’ve had trouble loading the Didj we received–you have to download the games (and you can also personalize your gaming characters, all good). After initially great reviews, our testing family is also having difficult with loading the Didj and is waiting to hear back from the company. Please let us know your experiences.

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  1. unfortunately, there’s still nothing good to report. our infatuation with the didj was short-lived. the online feature seemed really promising, but since our unit doesn’t stay “connected”, it can’t be updated, and that renders the didj a paperweight!
    we cannot use the didj at all. thank goodness for our very old but very reliable leapster.

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