Edushape Verifies Lead Free Status

kiddyconnects.jpgI’m happy to report that we just received verification forms from Edushape certifying that their products are lead free. The products that were submitted have won awards from us in the past: Wood-Like Soft Blocks, Kiddy Connects (last year’s Platinum Award winner), Mini Edublocks, Rollipop Stacker, and Caterpillar Race Game. We’re delighted that Edushape has filled out all the forms–especially since these are many of our favorite products for toddlers and preschoolers. Bravo!

Number of Companies Complying with New Safety Requirements: 2 (Publication International and Edushape)

Our new safety protocol is on our website at

0 thoughts on “Edushape Verifies Lead Free Status

  1. Have they certified that they are phlalate-free as well?

    Kudos to you for taking on this project. I hope that it will show companies that it is financially beneficial to them to take more responsibility for their products. I bet that all of the companies signing these certification will see an increase in sales.

  2. Yes–they also certified that they are phthalates free- which is great. We hope that more companies will follow — so far we have only three companies that have certified.

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