New Twist on a Classic: Make Your Own Hot Wheels Cars

Hot Wheels Toy Maker from Mattel

Hot Wheels Toy Maker from Mattel

Anyone who has enjoyed playing with Hot Wheels will appreciate the promise of this new activity toy from Mattel.¬†We look forward to testing the Hot Wheel Toy Maker that will comes with two molds, 10 wax sticks and graphics for customizing the cars. The company says the cars will work on most tracks– we’ll be sure to try it out.

2 thoughts on “New Twist on a Classic: Make Your Own Hot Wheels Cars

  1. Hi Stephanie.
    Great segment on the Today Show. I was REALLLLYYYYY interested in this product – and sad that it is not available yet. Do you have any information on its release? I already spoke with 3 representatives at Mattel and Hot Wheels (in addition to trying the website), but they haven’t heard of it. Any info you can share would be appreciated.

  2. I hear you! It looks very promising. At toy fair we were told it would be a fall release for the holidays–which usually means it starts shipping into stores in late August.

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